Book Review: Harappa- Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai

Harappa: Curse of the Blood River

Author: Vineet Bajpai

Publisher: VB Performance LLP

Genre: Historical Fiction



Blurb (as on Goodreads):

The story oscillates from history to mythology, from occult to religion, from exorcism to gunfights, from taantrics to warriors, from love to ambition. It knits 3,700 years, powerful ancient and modern-day characters and a nail-biting conspiracy – all in one literary thriller. Harappa is the first among a series of four books. 

2017, Delhi – Vidyut’s dying ancestor summons him to Banaras. The old Brahmin chieftain of the Dev-Raakshasa Matth, or the God-Demon Clan, bears a chilling secret. Their bloodline carries an ancient curse that will plague mankind – towards its own violent extinction.

1700 BCE, Harappa – Harappa is a magnificent city on the banks of the mighty Saraswati river. The darkness of treachery, taantric exorcism and bloodshed unleashes itself on the last devta, paving the way for his devastating revenge…and the horrifying truth behind the fall of the glorious civilisation.

2017, Paris – The world’s most powerful religious institution is rattled. Europe’s dreaded crime lord meets a mysterious man in Paris. A lethal assassin boards a train, as Rome fears the worst. The prophesied devta has returned.

What connects Banaras, Harappa and Rome? What was the ancient curse and who was the last devta? What is the terrible secret behind the fall of the colossal Indus Valley? Read on as you travel through a saga of violence and deceit, gods and demons, love and ambition.

gold-dividerMy Take:

Vidyut is Half-human, half-God. His capabilities in terms of strength and intelligence are unlike any other human being. And he is the last Devta. He knows all of it. But what he doesn’t know, is that he is the chosen one.The story unfolds with his grandfather telling him the reason for his existence and about a curse that is a part of his bloodline and only he can save the world.

In another part of the world, assassins are being hired in order to kill the last Devta. Among all the facade, is a secret that has been in existence for centuries, a secret more powerful than any weapon. And this needs to be protected at all costs. But they are unaware of the fact that this time they are facing someone chosen by destiny, someone more powerful than anything they have ever faced.

With his family beside him, Vidyut is all set to save the world from this curse and destruction. He is brave, smart and knows what he is doing. A journey through time, Vidyut uncovers the truth about Harappa and his ancestors. And finally, realizes that what you see is not always the truth.

Vineet Bajpai has taken simple elements from the past and weaved an exceptional story around it. Logical, intriguing, imaginative and engrossing, Harrapa is a well-executed book.

There are parallel worlds running throughout the book, each connected in a twisted way. The book reveals just enough at a particular moment. The story talks about retribution, rebirth, power, God, skills, secrets and curses. Each intertwined to each other amidst a great ancient civilization: The Harrapan Civilization. However, it’s not just about Harappa. The conspiracy involves Constantinople and the East India Company. Present day cities include Rome and Varanasi. Beneath the facade is a master conspiracy. It runs deeper than our thoughts.

The author has successfully placed the readers in various scenarios throughout the book. Each event is highly descriptive, hence playing with our mind and imagination. This book could have looked like a simple story about curses and Gods gone crazy but the facts put forward by the author has filled those empty spaces making it both logical and convincing.

I would compare this book to writings by Amish Tripathi as well as Aswin Sanghi (both being my favorite authors). The plot has captured the essence of the ancient civilization and given it a shape and reason.

— A product of meticulous research and fancy imagination.


  • Goodreads rating: 4.14/5.0
  • My Rating: 4.50/5.0 

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