Nora Roberts- A Dedication

She “has inspected, dissected, deconstructed, explored, explained and extolled the passions of the human heart.”— TIME (named her as 100 Most influencial people in 2007).



Nora Roberts has always been my favorite novelist. The first book I read was Carolina Moon. I have always been fond of her work and It has never occurred to me that I have read enough. This post is to share my love for Nora Roberts and her books with the world.


Her books belong to Romantic Thrillers genre. The author of more than 200 novels, she has been awarded multiple times. These awards include:

  • Golden Medallion Award: Awarded to the Romance Writers of America
  • RITA Award
  • Quill Award by the Quills Foundation

She also writes as J.D. Robb for the In-Death series. There are about 39 books in this series and this is a mystery and crime series.

She has also been known as Jill March and Sarah Hardesty.

Why do I like her books?

I am extremely fond of her books. All of them are relaxing reads (most of they including extremely hot men and totally sexy women :P). Each story is different, even in the same series. My favorite series is the “Three Sister’s Island”, Filled with magic, beauty, and love, that’s the kind of world I would definitely wanna see.

I find her books fast paced and can be finished very soon. And it’s intriguing too. I love her style of writing because it just connects and it’s so easy to travel back to her world and feel like everything is happening right in front of you. And another thing that I have noticed is that the feminine characters in her book are strong, independent and powerful. Each book is an emotional rollercoaster and encompasses all the components of life.

Her books are so diversified, the reader can choose based on their interests. Most of her books are Duology/ Trilogy. However, each book can also be read as a standalone novel. There are few books that I didn’t like such as Northern Lights and The Law is a Lady. I found the plot poor and predictable. But her writing style was maintained throughout and that helped me finish those books.



I have read quite a few books by her and there are lots more that I want to read. I usually go to book chor for my Nora Roberts book haul because the secondhand books there are so affordable. However, if u want a new copy, all her books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Infibeam.



Have you read any books by her? If so, did u like them or not?

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