Bookish Discovery #3

Hello, lovelies….

It’s a shame that this is just the 3rd post about something the I partly created. My partner in crime being Tavleen @travellingthroughwords.

Read the rules here and join in.

There’s a teeny tiny change in the rules. We have decided to do it any day once a week. Flexible isn’t it?

Today we talk about an amazing, beautiful author who loves writing stories about the haunted world.

Kate Mosse


Genre: Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Supernatural, Gothic

The book that I read is called “The Winter Ghosts“. And I have to admit, I fell in love with the book and the author. Now I belong the category of people who are scared of a mere mention of ghosts. But this book is not Gory at all. The mention of supernatural presence in the book is so subtle yet powerful, and most certainly breathtaking. It is a historical fiction and the story takes us back to the 1920s.

In 1933 Toulouse, Freddie Watson takes a letter written in medieval Occitan to an antiquarian bookseller for translation. Questioned by the proprietor Freddie tells how, five years earlier in 1928 at the age of 27 he had travelled by car to Ariège ostensibly to help recover from a bout of influenza, but also to try and shake off the grief of his brother George’s death as a member of the Royal Sussex Regiment in the Battle of the Boar’s Head.

On a cold winter morning, he drives south from Tarascon-sur-Ariège towards Vicdessos but he gets lost, and then caught in a blizzard drives off the road. He is uninjured but the car is damaged and he sets off on foot through the woods and eventually reaches a village where he finds a boarding house. He is told that that night is the annual feast and he is invited to attend, where he meets the captivating Fabrissa and spend the night ‘talking of love and loss and war’, both his own and also those of the village itself which some 700 years earlier had its Cathar faith destroyed by the Catholic church.

But next morning Fabrissa is gone… (From Wikipedia)

The book talks about the loss of an elder brother and the presence of someone who understands every bit of it. It is about seeking the one you love through odds unknown. The book maintains an atmosphere of secrecy and suspense throughout. It keeps you pondering about everything right till the end.

I have been wanting to read more books by her. Here are the few ones that I have included in my TBR for now. (Click on the name to buy)





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