Unboxing I Am A Kidd Box: July

A new book subscription box in town.

Firstly, I have to say they were a hit even before launching, thanks to their extensive marketing and some awesome giveaways (Mostly Funkos).

Details about the box:

There are different types of subscription options. The basic box will cost 1599/- and will contain a book of your choice, a Funko, and goodies. Funko Pops can also be bought separately. There’s also a T-shirt + Funko box worth 1599/- There are other boxes too and the details can be found @iamakidd.com.

My Box:

Theme: Galaxy

Here’s the list of thing I received in my basic box:

Yayy or Nayy?

Obviously Yayy. A box worth the money I paid. And moreover, I loved how this box openly challenged the other boxes who didn’t include a Funko saying that it’s too expensive. And bringing Funko to India this way. The reason I speak about Funko here so much is because it is in demand and people are going ga-ga over it.  And this box made it available without us worrying about International Shipping. I would want to see more goodies, from shops we know nothing about. And of course, I would want them to have a box with more books ( I am obsessed with this idea :P). Thank you for this beautiful curation IAAK Box and their team 🙂


Until next time


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