Bookish Discovery this Week (weekly book meme)

Day 1 of our beautiful creation! haha, I say beautiful because discoveries are always wonderful and full of excitement and thrill. For details about the meme visit here 🙂

Tagging Tavleen right here 🙂 Don’t forget to tag both of us if u decide to participate.

So, I have a few things to list this week.

Online Book Store

Another promising store selling Second-hand books. I am in awe with their pricing. And they claim to introduce new books every week. Now isn’t that a treat? Follow them on Instagram

Screenshot (86)
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Whispering Flames

I know I am a little too late to tell you guys how awesome Afia is. She owns the first bookish candles shop in India and man! I am so proud of her. I had ordered three candles from her which were based on the popular series “A Court of Thorns and Roses”. She has also launched candles based on Harry Potter. I personally loved them because of their lasting fragrance and burn time. Here’s her website 🙂

Cassandra Clare

You must be wondering how stupid of me to mention someone so popular and amazing! I recently started reading Lady Midnight and I am so amazed by the way she weaves the story, I didn’t face any difficulty reading this book even though I did not have any prior knowledge about Shadowhunters and that’s what makes her the “Chosen One” for today’s post. I am looking forward to reading “The Mortal Instruments” series.


With that teensy list, I conclude my Meme for today! See you all next Thursday. Same place!

Until next time



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