My Book Meme (Bookish Discovery this week)

Hola folks.

I have a habit of thinking too much. Mostly nonsense. But then one fine evening, while sipping my tea I thought of hosting a book meme. So I texted my friend Tavleen from Travelling through words. And here we are. Bringing our own bookish meme to you.

This one is called “Bookish Discovery this week”. (Every Thursday)

A weekly book meme which focusses on your personal interests as a book blogger or a bookstagrammer.

The participant needs to post a discovery that he/she has made over a week’s time, every Thursday. This discovery could be a variety of things- a book, an author, a book box, candles, bookmarks, new words, new characters you adore or hate etc. However, the list should be strictly related to the book world.

This meme can also be done as a tag on Instagram or Twitter . Please use the Hashtag #bookishdiscoverythisweek and tag both of us.


That it! Easy Peesy!

You can find Tavleen’s post here 🙂

We are very excited about this and we invite all you bibliophiles to join us:)

17 thoughts on “My Book Meme (Bookish Discovery this week)

  1. Ahh two new gorgeous blogs to follow! 😀 I found you through Tavleen’s Bookish Discovery meme post, and like I commented on hers — this is such a great idea for fellow book lovers. It’s one that I’ll keep in mind if I ever get into memes. Thank you two for introducing this to the blogosphere. ❤


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