May wrap-up :)


I didn’t read too many books this month (and I am sad about it) as I was caught up with some college stuff.

So I am going to wrap up for the month of May with 7 books!

  1. The Chemist: So, I heard the audio book and being a science freak I actually quite loved the effort taken to write the book. A thriller, it shows how the protagonist created a  safe zone for herself. with all her knowledge of chemistry and I think that is pretty gripping (to see the magic of science). Buy your copy here
  2. Olympus: A book revolving around Greek Mythology, I am disappointed in this one (like. big time). It’s a haphazard collection of everyone who has even been a part of the Greek world including the Trojans. It has only confused me. Buy Olympus here
  3. Fat Girl Hiking: This is a short story by Juniper Shaw. It’s about the challenges that a chubby girl faces while on a hiking trip with friends and family. It’s beautifully written. The choice of words is simple and has an overall impact. The ending could have been different but I am going to ignore that as it’s her first published short story. Read it on Amazon
  4. Sita’s Ramayana: Devdutt Pattnaik always impresses me when it comes to Indian Mythology. Simple and Concise, this book gives us the Goddess’s version of the story. Being a mortal, there are emotions and attachments. There is love and then there is betrayal and each of it is personified. Hence its also important to know the other side of the story! Purchase it here
  5. The Lie: Read my review here. Click to buy
  6. The Old Man and the Sea: One of the best short stories I have ever read. I was really impressed by this work as it focusses on a point and continues it until the end. The old man has only his boat and the sea left in his life. After 84 days of no success, his obsession with a single fish is justified. Get it here
  7. The Husband’s Secret: I have heard great thing about Leanne Moriarty, but this particular book was not up to my expectations. The plot is wonderful but the execution didn’t satisfy me. Click here

That’s my list. What’s yours?

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