Favorite Minor Characters (Top 5 Wednesdays)

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Minor characters that touched my heart. Ummm now that’s a difficult one and I am trying really hard to make a list here. hahaha!

1.Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Though I personally don’t think he is a minor character, I will include him here. I will always love his character way more than Harry Potter (no offense).

2.Tom from The Girl on the Train


Perfectly portrayed and camouflaged, Tom has a very important role in the novel. A perfect husband and a perfect father, but there’s more!

3. Jess from The Winner’s Curse


A friend who can die for you. Her character in the books is a doting friend who is by Kestrel’s side always. She supports and loves Kestrel with all her heart.

4.The Englishman in The Alchemist


He lends his books to Santiago and opens the doors of Alchemy to him and the readers. I personally feel his character is impactful and essential in this inspirational novel by Paulo Coelho.

5. Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar


This character in the classic Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare gained my sympathy. His intentions were pure but he had to face hatred because of other people’s deeds.

Which one do u like the most? Let me know and follow my blog for more such tags and reviews 🙂

6 thoughts on “Favorite Minor Characters (Top 5 Wednesdays)

  1. Thanks for checking out NovelDescent and for the nice words. Your blog is great – I have followed you. Love this list! I mean who doesn’t love Sirius??

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