6 Book Subscription Boxes that you need in your life right now! :) :)


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Heyfolks 🙂

Too lazy to look around for new releases? No worries, this post has got your covered. Also, who doesn’t like a wee bit of surprise in life? Especially when it feeds the bibliophile in you? These subscription boxes are magic. Not just books, they also bring you merchandizes, collectibles and printables so that you could be the biblio-fashionista (I just invented that :P) and flaunt your eternal love for books.

1. Big Book Box: Each box contains a newly released book as well hardcover books (depending on the box you choose). The box also contains some goodies along with printables. The prices of each box are listed below. They have monthly and quarterly subscriptions.

Image source

The Big Book Box has four types of boxes:

  • The Frappe box – 999/ month
  • The Espresso box- 1599/ month
  • The Cappuccino box- 2199/ month
  • The Caffe Mocha box- 2999/ month

The Caffe Mocha is a limited edition box. Opt for Quaterly subscriptions for more discount per box.

Place your order here

  1. The Bookling’s Crate: Themed boxes is what this subscription is all about. The boxes can be subscribed for a period of a month, 2 months, quarterly, or yearly.

Priced at 899 per month each box offers one book, few knick-knacks (bookmarks, tote bags, keychains etc.) and several food items (yoga bars, tea bags etc.)

 Screenshot (62)
Image source

The theme for May 2017 is #TravelTheWorld. Oh! And you also earn Bookling points (1 point = 1 INR)

To order click here

 Screenshot (63)
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  1.  Story Trunk: Another themed subscription box, it promises to bring you wonderful books along with some delightful accessories. They bring two type of boxes:
  • The young adult plan: 1 new release and goodies on the same theme (1399/month)
  • The supreme young adult plan: 2-3 novels and merchandises. (2999/month)

Order yours at Story trunk

 Screenshot (65)
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  1. Pandoria: Priced at 1400/month this box is based on the concept of Pandora’s Box. So one can expect a no. of surprises in this box. The subscription plans are monthly or quarterly.

But it  here

  1. Enchantico: A subscription box for your tiny book enthusiast, the boxes are packed for various age groups (up to 12 years). A minimum of two books and many collectibles from authors across the worlds, this box could satiate young souls.
Image source

These boxes come with 3, 6 and 12-month subscription plans. The 3-month subscription box is priced at 2999 + shipping.

Subscribe here

  1. The Bookish Box: Filled with Books and goodies, this box caters to the need of all types of bibliomaniacs out there. Be trendy and flaunt your inner bibliognost with stylish merchandises and accessories.
 Screenshot (66)
Image source

This is an international box and they ship to India.

Shop here

Hurry, get yours now 🙂

Until next time


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