*excited* *excited* *excited* Eh!! Why Baahubali? Why? (Spoiler Alert)

Hey folks, the prequel to the legendary Baahubali released recently.


Titled “The rise of Sivagami” by Anand Neelakantan the book illustrates the struggles of Sivagami, popularly known as the traitor’s daughter. She wants to avenge the royal family of Mahishmathi for feeding her father alive to the crows. The book covers all those emotions and turbulence she goes through as a young girl and the steps she has to take to be a part of the powerful ‘people’ of the empire.

The book also captures the psychology of a slave (The one and only! Katappa) whose sole purpose in life is to serve the royals of Mahishmathi. His sense of duty and blind faith for his king and the country is sure to remind you of the Katappa in the movie “Baahubali: the beginning”.

Now, Sivagami hasn’t been given much introduction in the movie so as to her background. Briefly, Sivagami is the grandmother of Mahendra Baahubali (shown in “Baahubali: the beginning”, played by Prabhas <3). She is the daughter of a Bhoomipathi. After her father’s death, she is forced to join the royal orphanage. That is when she starts to plot against The king and his family.


The cover of the book reminds me of the space where Maharani Devasena was held as a prisoner (hope you watched the movie).

Beautifully illustrated Mahishmathi Empire in the background and a lone woman around the fire is sure to catch anyone’s attention.

The plot in itself is just like any other movie. A classic tale of a women’s quest for power, respect, and revenge. Oh! There’s so much drama:

  • A greedy, proud, drunk, lusty prince
  • His poetry-loving, good for nothing brother
  • A queen making guest appearances for no apparent reason
  • A traitor
  • His daughter (Sivagami) who wants to kill the king and his family (no clue how!!!)
  • Her friends and their friends and their love stories
  • The powerful folks hungry for more power
  • Certain secret elements (the centre of attraction)
  • A rebelling tribe
  • A Sea pirate  :O

(Okay! I’m gonna stop)

And then there is Katappa. Exactly as in the movie (Thank god for that!)

All of this makes the book predictable till the very end.

The only different and rather nice angle to the book is the rise of Katappa to be the ‘great’, ‘self-righteous’, ‘respectable’ slave as in the movie. That man took my heart away.

Quick tip: Read the first and last chapter and you are good to go!

Rating: 3.5/5


Until next time



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