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Welcome to my bookish world, a space reserved for my nerdy personality. Grab a cup of coffee and wander through all things bookish. An avid reader and an expert book-hoarder, I spend my time reading and writing (professionally and personally), as well as creating content for Instagram. My bookish goals include reading and highlighting diverse books, especially #OwnVoices.

Featured Post: My Favourite Translated Books From Around the World.

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“We read to know we’re not alone.”

William Nicholson, Shadowlands

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My Favourite Translated Books|International Translation Day

Today is ‘International Translation Day’ and I have prepared a list of my favourite translated books. These are from languages all around the world and I have a feeling you have picked-up and loved atlease one of these. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami (Tr. Japanese by Philip Gabriel)– Kafka resonated with me mainlyContinue reading “My Favourite Translated Books|International Translation Day”

3 Books set in Sri-Lanka Which Bring Out Different Aspects of This Coastal Heaven

Sri-Lanka comes to my mind each time I make a travel plan, even though travelling is not my favourite thing in the world. And books have played a major role in making me fall in love with this lush land and it’s culture. My top 3 books set in Sri-Lanka includes ‘Beautiful People’ by Amanthi Harris, ‘Upon A Sleepless Isle’ by Andrew Fidel Fernando and ‘Suncatcher’ by Romesh Gunasekara.


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